Experiences Matter in SAP – Experience Exchange Program(EEP), an awesome learning journey

Experiences matter in SAP and there has always been a huge commitment from SAP Leadership to develop talents. A few months back, SAP HR Learning team introduced the “Experience Exchange Program (EEP)” for HR colleagues who would want to explore a completely different functional area in HR. I was extremely lucky to be one amongst the first 15 colleagues in HR selected globally for this amazing learning opportunity!

Let me share my personal journey with you.

What brought me here?

After being an HRBP for almost 2 decades in different regions like India, Germany and Greater China, I wanted to get an insight into Total rewards (TR), to learn about a function that touches every employee! I was curious to see how do we design and implement these experiences in SAP? Meanwhile, it wasn’t an easy decision for me as a mother to leave my 2+ year old toddler at home and get away on a learning journey by myself… I took the chance to put both of us to test and believe me, it was worth it!

What did I learn?

Being at the SAP headquarters in Walldorf for 6 weeks, I got the opportunity to exchange my experience as an HRBP with that of the outstanding rewards colleagues. I saw glimpses of the end-to-end productization of experiences, right from design to delivery in TR that motivates our colleagues to stretch beyond their comfort zones to ensure SAP reaches the goal we are all set for!


While I learnt about Total Rewards, I also had a lot of fun! I met other Global EEP participants and had great exchanges with them! Programs like EEP, not only provide an awesome learning experience in SAP but also an opportunity to experience #LifeatSAP in a completely different way. I go back richer with experience and craving to see my little one again! Proud that both of us made it through these 6 weeks apart. As said, we are all a product of our experiences!

Thank you SAP! EEP is indeed a game changing program and a role model for the rest of the companies.