How HR at SAP learns the Business

This year entrepreneurs worldwide were forced to pivot their business, optimize operations for reliance, revamp business models, and digitize processes to overcome the pandemic, or simply just to deal with the uncertainty created by it. 

Providing business with world-class HR support has never been more important than in these times of change and new strategic directions. At SAP, as part of our #HRTalentStrategy, we defined 4 Key Capabilities to take our skill set to the next level to be able to more effectively support SAP’s business. In addition, it´s important to grow our business acumen by gaining insight in the business, pointing out what drives them, and how we can work with them in the best possible way.

InSight SAP an initiative driven by the #HRLearning team, aims to foster business acumen across SAP’s HR colleagues worldwide. Over the last couple of weeks, interview-based sessions with experts hosted by several HR colleagues and exciting experience-learning, including job shadowing and business simulations, helped HR colleagues to gain an even deeper understanding of the business. 

Overall, InSight SAP was a great success! We received outstanding positive feedback from participants, had more than 1,500 registrations for sessions with one third of all HR colleagues worldwide participating in.

The lively exchanges during the initiative among the whole organization make me truly believe that InSight SAP helped build bridges not silos, which brought us closer together as ONE organization and increased the mutual understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. And this, already, is a great milestone in supporting our business with world-class HR support.

Personally, I have learned a lot and am proud to have been part of this interesting learning journey!

Many thanks to all individuals involved in preparing and executing this learning initiative #keeplearning. A special thanks to Enrico Palumbo for entrusting me in leading this awesome initiative!

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