How SAP’s famous “lunch culture” has boosted my personal and professional development this week:

So at SAP, it is a common thing to go for lunch with people from other departments, functions or teams – just for fun, to network, to chat with like-minded people or simply to get to know each other. Then you eat, share your thoughts and visions and 💥BOOM, great connections, insights, ideas, projects and opportunities come up! 

So that’s what happened to me last week during lunch with William and just a few days later, I found myself on my way to our Shared Services Center in Prague!

And this is how I was welcomed:

With an incredibly well-prepared menu for THE 360-degree #AllYouCanShadow-experience and many colleagues just waiting to introduce me into their world of service delivery!

I got to know the tools, the workflows, the people and could even take over tickets with questions from our employees myself! But not only did I gain more insights into all kind of questions colleagues at SAP are asking themselves, but also which projects HRDirect is running in order to improve collaboration along the entire process, how to boost customer experience and how they set up work groups in order to stay agile while incorporating continuous learning!

With every person I met, it was great to see how empathy grows with every single moment that we listen to the people and stories behind processes and roles. (Read this if you want to get a taste of why empathy matters!)

🌝In addition, I met Alex to discuss his vision of #TheFutureOfWork. He is our brand-new colleague in Recruiting Operations based on AI instead of biomass (but still just as cute, isn’t he?!)! By now he has already taken over about 50-60% of the workload, and he just finished onboarding👀.

But still, our human #HRDirect Agents (some of them you can see in the banner at the top) are my 🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏽superheroes⭐️ because of their tireless efforts for our internal customers and their amazing customer-centricity! True role-models for how to build bridges, not silos!

🌎 Stay open-minded and open-hearted, the best is yet to come!