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Virtual Workshop Experiences

Virtual Workshop Experiences

In our Pop Up Labs we have acquired a wealth of knowledge through exciting panel discussions, interviews and interactive exchanges. On this page you will find interesting clips and record on various topics from our Pop Up Lab.

Let’s close our eyes for a moment and imagine it is 2023 and we have already successfully overcome the Corona crisis: How will the change experienced have been for employees and managers? What will we have learned from uncertain times like these?

The current developments and uncertainties are confronting us personally and our working world with enormous changes. But how do we humans react to changes like these? In his keynote lecture, Mark Raben takes us on a journey through brain research and behavioral science, showing us specific examples of how our brain and our behavior influence our decisions.

Together with HR thought leaders Gert Lefevre and Carsten Köppl, Georg Kerle, SAP Presales Expert for Human Resources, will lead the panel discussion in our Virtual Pop Up Lab for the public sector. Among other things, our panellists will address the question of how a public employer can increase its attractiveness for young talent and thus better meet the challenges of demographic change.

HR Talks Live Recordings

HR Talks Live Recordings

You missed our last HR Talks Live Session? No problem. Here you can find snippets of our panels with cross-industry HR experts on important HR topics of the future.

What is the role of the HR department in the digital transformation, how should the HR department position itself accordingly and which skills of a manager are essential to successfully guide the company through the digital transformation?

Digitalization demands that companies be agile, innovative and, above all, responsive. COVID-19 gives digitization a whole new dynamic. The cooperation study “Data and Talents – HR Strategy & Organization 2020” by Kienbaum & SAP shows one thing above all: There is a need for action for the HR function.

The team is the star! Teamwork is not only in the field of sports in the first place, also in the organizations teamwork plays an important role! But how do you lead teams to success? How can leadership concepts of the sports sector be transferred to the companies of today? And where can we identify parallels?

The Corona crisis has changed the world of work from one day to the next. Everyone is already talking about the “New Normal”. Working from home is already part of everyday life for many of us. How can HR support managers in this special situation in the best possible way?

The Corona crisis has changed the world of work from one day to the next. Each of us experiences these changes differently, both professionally and personally. Occasionally one gets however the impression, there is already something like a “new normal”. But what effects does the Corona crisis have on the HR department? And how have the tasks and challenges of different HR roles changed?

The Corona crisis has changed a lot: especially the operational processes of the HR department. Everybody is already talking about the “New Normal”, but are the operational processes ready? Amelie Widlak, Director Global HR Operations Vaillant Group, and Dorothee Peukert, HR Executive Advisor SAP, will answer these and other exciting questions.

Dass regelmäßiges Lernen wichtig ist, ist nichts Neues. Auch ist die Möglichkeit sich weiter zu entwickeln ein nicht zu unterschätzender Mitarbeiter-Motivator. Neu ist dabei jedoch die „erzwungene“ Digitalisierung durch Covid19. Daher diskutieren wir in dieser Session wie Unternehmen Lernen und Kompetenzentwicklung in diesen schwierigen Zeiten fördern können.

Employee Experience ist der Trend für HR. Was allerdings genau Employee Experience ausmacht, ist nicht immer eindeutig. Sicher scheint dabei nur die Verknüpfung der Experience mit dem Wohlbefinden der Mitarbeiter zu sein. Doch überschattet die Employee Experience das Streben nach Produktivität?

Innovative Thinkers

Innovative Thinkers

Same same but different. Looking at a topic from different perspectives always contributes to knowledge building and stimulates critical thinking. Here you will find interviews with innovative thinkers who give us an insight into their opinions and problem-solving approach.

Why is virtual HR even more important in uncertain times? Oliver Böttcher, Head of SuccessFactors Switzerland SAP, provides insight into the changed role of HR from the familiar reality to the new normality.

The current developments present us all with great challenges. For this reason, we have dealt with the current issues that concern us and the world of work at present. For many managers, the current developments mean suddenly being a manager in the home office: But how does a virtual manager still manage to motivate his team and establish changes in a sustainable way?