My First 1 min……

Thank you, SAP. Glad to have learnt a new skill today. Fancy making a pitch under 1 minute? Well, this was an opportunity I was both excited and nervous about. Presenting to a multi country audience on the India HR strategy in 60 seconds can be pulsating, to say the least. This is the kind of opportunity that compels you critically examine first principles, the catalyzing role we play in the ecosystem, how do we get to greatness and finally cranking up the execution engine.

Thank you Shraddhanjali Rao, & Frances Botha. SAP HR rocks. #ExperiencesMatter !

Here are some insights from my first experience of a 1 minute pitch.

1. It’s all about vivid storytelling. And Storytelling is most effective when you refine and filter the Problem statement down to a single statement and let the solution appear as the other side of the coin.

2. Break the pitch down to sections and decide a duration for each section. For me, I devoted 30s to Context setting and Problem definition and split the remainder 30s to equal halves of Strategy definition and the executable Vision statement.

3. The real experience to an audience comes through visual imagery. Using vibrant language brings the story alive in the listener’s minds.

4. Allow presentation Slides to speak their own story in images that connect to the talk track. In my case, I utilized a video snippet

5. Shorter the presentation time, longer the preparation effort. For this 60second pitch, my prep work was in excess of 3 hours.

6. Write, Rewrite, Refine, Repeat. 1 minute is excruciatingly short. Getting the right words, the right effect and managing time means continuous rework.

7. And finally, relax and deliver. It’s the final show that matters 😊…

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