Put Wellbeing First – and Everything Else Will Follow

To say the past few months have been intense is an understatement. We are all adjusting to our new normal, the meetings are non-stop, and we are feeling all kinds of new pressure trying to juggle our personal and professional lives.

Results from the latest Remote Work Pulse Survey indicated that some employees are working without boundaries andwe understand the stress this may put them under can be quite challenging.

Finding Balance in This New Normal

The health and wellbeing of everyone on the team is a top priority and something I personally care deeply about. To help us find a better balance, we suggested these five tips:

  1. Lighten Friday workloads by minimizing internal meetings when possible. Take advantage of “Focus Fridays” to think, plan, finish tasks, and help protect the weekend.
  2. Prepare meaningful meetings with agendas and clearly defined outcomes.
  3. Change scenery, exercise, eat healthy, and spend quality time with family and pets.
  4. Speak with managers to align on priorities and deadlines. One of those priorities should be to keep learning – schedule time for professional development.
  5. Make sure to recharge, even though vacations in 2020 may not be what we envisioned. Focus on a home renovation project or finish the book you started earlier this year!

We’re encouraging leaders to open meetings by checking on everyone’s health. Simply asking “How are you doing?” and allowing people a few minutes to share personal stories (myself included!) goes a long way to making the human connections we all need right now.

Some other tips from my routine include:

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Prioritizing our personal health and wellbeing is so important, and especially now when we are working in this “new normal!” It’s easy to answer one more e-mail or take that one last meeting but we have to set boundaries in order to avoid burnout and continue to focus on work/life balance.

What are some of your tips for finding balance? I’d love to hear what you’re doing in your teams or how you’re staying connected at home!

Please stay safe and healthy!