SAP Global HR Service Delivery Consumer Experience Program: We Listen, We Learn, We Turn Experiences into Good Ones


In SAP Global HR Service Delivery (GSD), we focus on supporting the O – Operational Excellence: The Newest Cloud Technology, Leading-Edge HR Operating Model, and Excellent Process Landscape. As the process engine, we see the importance of consistent delivery, supporting end-to-end journey experience, closely monitoring feedback of our services, and take action.

At the start of our CX Program, we asked ourselves: What does consumer experience mean to our organization? How do we collectively define a positive consumer experience? We aimed to create a first class CX framework which allows the continuous growth of CX skills and mindset. Our mission was to be an enabler and a catalyst for consistent delivery of 5-Star Consumer Experience. While being heavily supportive of the cross-SAP HR #MomentsThatMatter program, we must keep improving experiences on a basic and evolutionary level.


The fundamental part of O is building on an excellent process landscape. For this reason, we kicked off 2019 by strengthening the role of Process Managers in the organization.

Based on feedback and lessons learned from process manager role expectations, we formalized and established a Strategic Forum for our Process managers. The forum became a collaboration platform to share process strategy & goals, achievements, challenges, requirements and guide process improvements and priority settings.


With so much focus on tools and processes, we often forget during the new hire onboarding process that we may have limited customer facing experience in our environment, thereby missing the practical and organization-specific training to cover professional communication, importance of active Listening and building empathy, avoiding the pitfalls of HR lingo, and the importance of “warm handovers”. This is why we introduced the ‘In Your Customer’s Shoes’ workshop which aims to install a consumer centric mindset. With this workshop, we are bringing a common understanding of how a positive service attitude is defined in an agile HR organization. By infusing a CX mindset with practical real-life examples of what could happen daily in direct customer interactions and function, we become the ONE HR voice to our consumers.


With 400k+ consumer interactions via our employee support platform, it already says a lot about us being a volume organization, with the advantage of collecting meaningful feedback data to significantly help us to pinpoint areas where we need to strengthen the perception of our services. Can we predict the experience and effort a customer needs to undertake to utilize our services?

Reviewing industry practices around KPIs, and turning to practice and recommendations from Qualtrics, we infused X Experience data into our KPIs by measuring and understanding the efforts our consumers undergo to get their issue resolved. This was made possible by updating our consumer feedback survey as well as conducting 1:1 interviews with our consumers via our customer listening sessions.

These sessions allowed us to experience their entire journey and hear directly their story and perspective. This effort had a direct impact on our customers from the moment we listened to them, connecting complaint management, collecting X data, and add the personal approach to make them feel that HR cares.

As each consumer should be treated as you would want to be treated, we further aim to inspire our Global HR Service Delivery colleagues to step in the customer’s shoes every single day – to #KeepLearning and to work together on reducing the experience gap always!

Marko Kmetič

GSD Consumer Experience Workstream

GSD Business Operations & Innovation Office