SAP launches additional equity plan to deepen employees’ participation in company performance

SAP has a long tradition in sharing company success with its employees. In this spirit, SAP announced to dedicate an additional budget of €400 Million to launch a new equity program “Grow SAP” from 2020–2023. Besides acknowledging everyone’s commitment to past achievements, the focus of Grow SAP is to unite all employees behind achieving SAP’s 2023 ambitions. 

As SAP CEO Christian Klein has put it “SAP wouldn’t be the company it is without the commitment and passion each colleague brings to work every day”. The Executive Board is committed to the investment in its employees even more so in the Covid-19 crisis! This program will support SAP employees to stand together to sustain and grow their success.

Here is how our employees reacted to the program launch

  • “Appreciation, gratitude, stability, success mindset and empathy. Thank you!” 
  • “SAP knows how to cheer up their employees in the toughest of times. Proud SAPedian. Thanks a lot for this motivating sign of appreciation and for working towards unifying the company in working towards a common goal. Awesome.”