That’s how we roll!

With such an approach, so many super cool things have been done by our SAP Concur Country Director, Jacob Ringler. I am thrilled to get to know such a passionate leader as Jake! For those unaware, Jake is leaving SAP Concur at the end of July 2020. Jake, we wish you all the best, continued success, and of course a lot of fun in your exciting future role! We are going to miss you, and for those who want to see Jake’s impact, please check-out a small sample below:

✔️Jake and his Team (Vratislav Polak, Peter Baumann and Mei Malkova) helped drive the design and execution of the one and only SAP Concur AppPort. AppPort is a whole R&D Development floor designed like an Airport ✈️, with a Departures area, Arrivals area, Gates, Hangars, Control Tower and of course Runway 🙂 This is a huge legacy.

✔️When Jake joined almost 5 years back, he took over 1 Mobile Team that developed ExpenseIt. Since then, he has grown the Mobile R&D area into 5 Teams, with a breadth of products from Concur Mobile, Mobile Request, Reporting, Invoicing, Budget Spend, Approvals, and of course the amazing Front-Office Team lead by Mei Malkova.

✔️ #3DPrinting, Jake set this up in the AppPort with a couple 3D Printing Gurus (Jiri Bramburek and Matej Duras) and since then they have gotten a small 3D Printing Farm going ✌️🏼

✔️Most recently, a huge set of masks were printed and donated to the Community and Law Enforcement for limiting the spread of COVID19.

✔️Jake has been a great mentor and helped many folks grow from Individual Contributors to Managers, as well as helped grow several Engineers progress into Principals.

✔️Events, events, and well, more events! YAAY! 💃🏻The biggest highlight must be hosting the one and ONLY Company Quarterly event with our SAP Concur President Jim Lucier. Jake kicked things off for all our 8000+ Global Employees around the World and helped Jim and his Exec Team feel right at home.

✔️Jake has been representing Concur at multiple speaking engagements around the World, speaking about SAP Concur and what a great Culture and Leader in the Travel and Expense market SAP Concur is.

✔️On Jake’s watch the Site has increased Employee Engagement scores to the highest levels ever! He also helped support and bring SAP Concur into the #AutismatWork Program for the Site.

✔️Lastly, Jake was a big supporter of Concur Labs in expanding outside the US and opening it’s 1st Team in EMEA.

🆗 This is just a small sample of all the 🆒 things Jake has helped do, and as he would be the first to tell you, this reflects on all his Teams and individuals hard work, because, that’s just how we roll#appport #sapconcur #sap #lifeatsap