The Power of Bounceback

Adversities does not discriminate! 

Have you ever noticed how reeds behave when they are hit by windy storms? They bend all the way down, as far as possible, and manage to stay rooted in the ground. This is the power of resilience! To survive the storms, we need to yield to the winds. We survive and thrive through these tough times. 

This lock down has been my time for reflection, pondering on how our lives suddenly took a steep turn after getting hit by this pandemic. In less than a month I went from “Bangalore traffic is just too much!” to “I miss my ‘me time’ in the car”. There were so many things that we once considered a necessity in our extravagant lifestyle and leisure spending. Do they hold any value to us now? It is not easy stepping out of our structured life and dealing with such changes. I too took a while to absorb that the future might not be the same as I had envisioned anymore. 

While all of us are coming to terms with this ‘new normal’ way of living, I feel it is the perfect time to figure our lives out. It is transformation time! A time to re-define our choices and actions, to intentionally learn from our mistakes and failures, a time to start piecing together the bits of this new puzzle! A time to grow stronger, build resilience. In difficult unprecedented times, what we can control is our own actions. That is what helps me sail through all my hardships — focusing on what ‘I can control’. Here are a few things that I do to stay rooted irrespective of how difficult the situation is. 

Self-discipline: You are your own savior! A couple of months ago it was easier to switch between ‘work time’ and ‘personal time’ until we completely started working from home. Now, we have our work desks just a room away from our bedrooms or living rooms. They are those little habits we practice — something as simple as not taking work related calls after logging out, helps to organize the day better. Initially it was difficult for me to adjust with this situation, but a few things help me get a hold of my day like dedicated blockers for meals, short coffee breaks or desk-yoga breaks. I consider them as important as attending urgent-work calls. I try to structure at least 80% of my day, which sometimes does not go as planned, but I still try! This bridges between what I want to achieve and what I finally achieve by the end of the day.

Make yourself happy: Do you take time to do things that make you happy while you are traveling? Like, just close your eyes, relax, listen to some music or just look at the clouds? I carry a book to read, and this is how I celebrate my ‘me time’. We have been so busy with our lives that we almost forget to slow-down and unravel our thoughts. The best way to do thisis to pick up that hobby, passion, anything that helps to ease your top chamber. I always plug in my all-time go-to playlist when I am out for my walks, try to pen down my thoughts in a diary or probably a sticky note that lies on my side table before I go to sleep. Such things help me slow down and unload my thoughts. We all have our ways to declutter and breathe. Find one for yourself too. Start your day doing something that pushes you to positivity, something in the middle of the day to restore that energy and end with something that lets you breathe out all your stress away. Life is too short to stay cluttered! 

Spend meaningful time with family: Being under lockdown with family is a gift. Family love and connection always works like magic. Somehow while running busy in our lives, we miss out on this much required family time, and I try to make up for that as much as I can. Just a couple of days ago my mom and I baked a cake together. It took me back to my childhood when I used to whisk the eggs and sugar for my mom to bake the cake. I was rewarded for my hard work too. Such heartfelt days! These special times stays in our hearts for an eternity. I have so much fun while playing Ludo King with my nieces, but I love connecting with them a little more through a simple conversation around how the day was, or just laughing together at some funny incident. This is the time to create more memories, bond stronger! 

2020 has been a year of strength and self-discovery amid this pandemic. Our entire lives have shifted to a different gear! When I look back, I realize that one thing that has always helped me face my life adversities is my power of resilience. We all carry this power within us, just a matter of hitting that reset button. Honestly, I face burnouts too, but I take an evening to spend some time with myself, spend some time with my family, and get up. Like it is said, “the oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived” — we fall, we pick, dust ourselves off and get back. No matter how much falls on us, we bounceback!