Watch tomatoes grow…and settle your mind

Two years ago I joined the pool of instructors for mindfulness in the SAP Global Mindfulness Practice program. Every time since then when I teach mindfulness to a group of people, it´s an occasion for me to learn from the co-trainers and also from the reflections and experiences of the participants. And it is an invitation to reflect on my own practices.

When I delivered a training last week, I realized, during one of the discussions with participants, that I had built unconsciously a micro-practice of mindfulness over the last weeks: In the mornings I step out in the garden and watch the tomatoes grow. I am looking out for any change I can notice compared to the day before…. new blossoms on the stem, color of the leaves, new tomatoes, changes in their size and color… It´s just that.

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I spend a few minutes focusing my attention on watching the tomatoes grow and this settles my mind, prepares me well for the day ahead, setting the agenda and defining the priorities with more clarity.

And here is the punch line: if you like, you can try this also if there are no tomato plants around. The nature surrounding you can serve the same purpose – any tree, any bush. And you can take your moment to arrive also in an office environment. The video below can be a first step to explore and experience mindfulness for yourself.

Do you have a micro-practice that you would like to share?