What Do Leaders Want? (not another tip on working virtually)

Many of us are hitting different limits these days. We are adapting to our uncertain and dynamic environment and doing the best we can to show up for our families, our teams, our customers and our communities. Some of us are feeling great, some of us are feeling like we’re being pummeled with waves. I heard an analogy the other day that resonated… we’re not all in the same boat. We’re all in the same storm in very different boats. I like that as it acknowledges that this is a unique experience for each of us.

My team of HR Advisors, serving 6500 leaders globally and with team members in 17 different countries, has the privilege of being able to help leaders through this uncertainty. We are attuned to the fact that #LeadershipMatters even more than ever and that decisions that managers make now will have lasting impacts on their teams.

So, what do leaders want these days? Leaders want an ear. They want a safe place to have a conversation. They want sound advice. They want to feel like they aren’t alone. The conversations aren’t necessarily even about COVID-19 – they are about leading teams, about making good, people-centered decisions, and about looking towards the future.

I am encouraged by the openness, care and optimism I’m seeing. I like the fact that many of us are willing to be a bit more ‘raw’ and to share the ups and downs. We are in extraordinary times and we are #inittogether.

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