What Is Helping You Right Now?

It’s been many weeks now since we’ve started living very differently. I’ve been thinking about what has changed, what’s better, and what’s more challenging than life before Covid-19. I’d like to share some practices that help me truly take care of myself and give me the daily strength to work through these times.

1. Stay calm

It’s easy to allow ourselves to be swept away by the waves of bad news. Yesterday, I was watching a documentary that made me so upset that I had to turn it off. But that’s the trick. If you find yourself becoming unsettled by something, try to remove yourself from it, or just take a break from it.

2. Listen to your body

Our bodies speak a very clear language, which we often, sadly, choose to ignore. Pain, discomfort, and illness can be signs that something is bothering us mentally. If you’re not feeling well, take a step back and listen. Possibly talk to a specialist. Give yourself time to rest and recover if needed.

3. Limit virtual connecting

Many of us are connected virtually with our colleagues for our work, and others also are connected virtually with their families. Even though I’m very grateful for this technology, using video to talk with others for hours each day—whether for business or pleasure—is draining. Try to set boundaries and take a break from video calls once in a while. Your brain will thank you.

4. Reduce stress in the home with empathy

For those working from home, or those now at home full-time, other stressors are coming to light. We’re living in a time of great uncertainty, which also is affecting our children and other family members. Sometimes it’s hard or nearly impossible, but giving others the benefit of the doubt, and practicing empathy can help in avoiding stressful situations. For example, my son and I have a good schedule for homework at home, but if I notice that he is just not ready to do it at the scheduled time, we postpone. It always gets done. This is not procrastination, it’s self-care.

5. Trust

Something that’s helping me right now is trust. I trust that this is only a moment in time, even though it seems like a long one. I trust that we’ll find a way through this and come out stronger because of it. I trust that things will get better. Just let go and trust.

Practicing some of these tips are helping me—and my son—stay active, healthy, and productive right now. Whether you’re at home working or not, whether you have children or not, whether you’re caring for loved ones or not, whether you’re in a leadership role or not, I hope that these tips are helpful for you.